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  • Barista Training
    Barista Training

    In today’s BA, all the cool kids drink barista-made coffee! LATTEnTE’s barista training services offer an integral, thorough and fun way to up your business’ ante. Let us show you how to bounce, grind and pour your way to BA’s best cup of coffee!


    • Improve your business’ reputation for coffee
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Boost sales and ultimately save money
    • Be part of BA’s burgeoning coffee scene

    Curious about barista training in Buenos Aires? Get in contact with us!

  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

    A strong start to your coffee business is best served with a slice of quality control on the side! LATTEnTE can offer you tailor-made services to ease the impact of a rotating staff of baristas and ensure – over the long term- you keep rolling forward with your new commitment to quality coffee!


    • Ensure your business is about the beans, not the baristas (who might come and go over time)
    • Maintain the consistency and commitment your customers will come to expect
    • Sit back and relax, knowing what to look out for and whom to ask for help

    Thirsty for more information on our quality control methods? Get in contact with us!

  • Roasting

    Being the control-freaks we are, the staff at LATTEnTE follow the coffee process from ‘A’ right through to a delicious cup of ‘Z’, working with one of the very few committed coffee roasters in town, Alexis Zagdañski from Lab Tostadores de Cafe. And not only do we roast our own beans, but we can also provide you with yours, with our speciality roasting service that guarantees one of BA’s only integral coffee experiences.


    • Establish direct links with your coffee provider (us, silly!)
    • Know where your beans come from and develop greater knowledge about their characteristics
    • Offer your customers a unique blend that goes above and beyond their expectations
    • Enjoy the integral LATTEnTE experience

    Want more information on coffee roasting in Buenos Aires? Get in contact with us!

  • Menu Development
    Menu Development

    No need to compromise when it comes to your clientele! A well-planned coffee menu can lure both local and visiting coffee lovers without limiting yourself to a particular market. At LATTEnTE, we’ll fix your eyes, nose and taste buds on a solid coffee menu that covers all your bases!


    • Open yourself up to the foreign tourist market with products like the Aussie flat white and US drip coffee
    • Stay true to local traditions with cups thought-out for the locals
    • Be part of the growing trend toward barista-made brews

    Want more information about coffee menu development in Buenos Aires? Get in contact with us!

  • Advising and Equipment
    Advising and Equipment

    It’s easy to set up a coffee shop… poorly! At LATTEnTE we want to see BA’s coffee scene flourish, which is precisely why we’re keen on advising freshly-brewed businesses on best practice for coffee. This ranges from choosing the right equipment to use through to coffee-linked business planning!


    • Set your business up with a long-term, long-lasting commitment to quality coffee
    • Get the ball rolling on organic systems and processes that we know will work for you
    • Rest easy knowing we at LATTEnTE are right behind you all the way

    How will we advise you and what equipment will be chose to have you serving the best coffee in Buenos Aires? Get in contact with us!

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