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If as a child you dreamed of being an astronaut, well, you’ve found the wrong website. But if you’ve ever wanted to be a barista, and a damn good one at that, then read on! LATTEnTE offers a robust range of services for burgeoning baristas, quality-focused café owners and individuals and businesses wanting BA’s best cups of coffee.

Barista Training
A properly trained baristas can mark the difference between success and failure in the increasingly competitive local coffee scene. Don’t have failed astronauts serving up your customers’ coffee! Instead let us at LATTEnTE give you baristas!

A story of roast to riches – that’s what your business company could achieve by following the coffee process from the roasting of your beans right through to the final cup. To make some of BA’s best coffee, we roast our own coffee beans and can happily roast yours, too…

Menu development
Did you know Australian tourists prefer flat whites? Have you heard of Japanese and US visitors thirsty for drip coffee? And do want to keep locals satisfied with a spin on the traditional cortado? Rest assured, LATTEnTE can help develop a coffee menu to cover all your bases…

Advising and Equipment Selection
A problem-free launch into the orbit of the coffee universe doesn’t only require brilliant baristas. We offer advisory services and equipment selection to ensure your business gets off the ground like no other…

Quality control
Baristas come and go, but your business shouldn’t (at least the go part). Our quality control services ensure long-term consistency that only a professional’s watchful eye can pick up, from ongoing barista training right through to the monitoring of your final product…

Curious about another type of service we might not have mentioned? Get in contact with us!

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