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Our Commitment

Constantly shaking because you’ve had too much quality coffee can be embarrassing. But we do it, so why won’t you? Shake with us! On a serious note, we’ve also got some other goals we’d like to share with you.


Let’s be real: for a city with so much Italian heritage, the coffee in Buenos Aires is pretty meek! (There’s a brilliant local term for this: umbrella juice). For that same reason, we want to spread coffee culture right across the city. Find out where you can sip some of the best coffee in Buenos Aires!


Our coffee is sourced from Colombia and every cup of our delicious beans in BA is helping farmers improve their quality of life, empowering them with the social and economic benefits that sustainable small business can bring.


Push that umbrella juice to the side and find out what quality coffee in BA really tastes like. Above all, we’re committed to being present on the local coffee scene and bringing you the best cup of coffee around, so pop into LATTEnTE today!

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