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Want to know more about what’s behind some of the best coffee in Buenos Aires? First there’s the hard-working hands of two coffee-country baristas. Next, throw in a few succulent coffee beans. Grind! Don’t burn the milk! Now relax, with our commitment to the best, and await your warm cup of that delicious drink we call coffee.

Who are we? Coffee-country, you say. The short one’s from Indonesia. The tall one’s from Colombia. Find out who’ll be roasting your next cup.

Our coffee. How could we go wrong with blends with names like Happiness and Satisfaction, or better yet, a single-origin blonde from Colombia? Follow your senses this way.

Our commitment. Serious face. Coffee ain’t no joke for us here at LATTEnTE. It’s our life! From flat whites to training courses, we’re committed to serving up the best café in BA. Read on!

The Team

What do get when you bring a Colombian and an Indonesian together in Russia? Well, naturally, a coffee shop in Buenos Aires. Hang on! How did that happen? Why Russia? And how did Daniel get so tall?


Co-owner of LATTEnTE, Daniel hails from Colombia and is an award-winning barista, having won the National Barista Competition in 2012 and represented Argentina at the world championships in Melbourne in 2013. Surprisingly, Daniel hates coffee. No, that’s not true. It’s a massive part of his life. He met Zehan in Russia as a university student.


If all you can see above the coffee machine at LATTEnTE is vapor, then it’s Zehan on the other side. From another of the world’s biggest coffee exporting countries, Indonesia, Zehan knows and loves good coffee. She was 2013’s Exigí Buen Café champion, and is BA’s go-to-girl for all things coffee.


A breeze passed over the land of the long-white cloud and drifted east, bringing Ben with it. The owner of Melbourne’s The Final Step coffee shop, this Kiwi lad now lives in BA and is running a comedor for underprivileged kids in Lanús, funded with the profits of his Aussie business. Ben is not only a barista but a coffee roaster as well.

Laura Santa

Laura is a childhood friend of Daniel’s from Pereyra, part of Colombia’s eje cafetero. We’ve been training Laura as a barista for some time now and she’s almost there! Known as the nicest person in LATTEnTE, Ben once described her as the most polite person he’s ever met. So come and let us show her off!



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