Good ol’ Cafe Lattente back.

If you’ve passed by Lattente in the past month, you might have noticed that the coffee shop seems more like a coffee kiosko. This is for two reasons: Lattente is under renovation, and its owners are so committed to serving quality coffee to its loyal clientele that they hadn’t the heart to close the doors completely. Kiosko Lattente was fun, but by now we all want good ol’ Cafe Lattente back.

The new Lattente promises to be “more intimate,” says Zehan. “We want to recreate the cafe environment of the 1920s, where our customers come to chat, meet interesting people, and of course drink great coffee.” She believes a cafe can be a place where people can come to have great conversation, recommend a book (there will be books!), listen to music (there will be instruments!), and learn about coffee.

The original motivation for the renovation was to add a brew bar where the baristas will be able to make different types of filter coffee. The owners are “excited to introduce our clients to the new world of drip coffee and cold brew.”